Employment & Community Support

Our Employment & Community Support Services programs provide preparation training and employment opportunities. We also provide community living options throughout Chicago in diverse neighborhoods, near public transportation and local businesses, for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

What we offer

Residential Services

Through our Residential Services program, we offer person-centered support in personalized home environments to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We provide a broad array of services that cover the spectrum of intellectual and developmental support needs and enables the integration of health services.

Community Day Services

Through our Community Day Services program, we offer a variety of personalized opportunities including community integration activities, daily living skills training, as well as leisure and recreational activities.

Employment Services

Our Supported Employment Program helps people live more independently by obtaining paid employment. We offer job coaching services to help the people we serve meet their employment goals, and work with businesses throughout the community to place people in jobs in their field of choice to create economic independence.

Custodial Services

An extension of our Employment Services program, our Janitorial Services program primarily employs people with developmental and intellectual disabilities through cleaning and facility management services to a variety of customer types.

Service Facilitation

Through Service Facilitation, we provide case management assistance through a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional to assist people in self-directing their services, while ensuring all of their needs are met.

Commercial Sales

Our Commercial Services program includes assembly, packaging and kitting, warehouse storage, visual environments and fulfilment.

Business Solutions

Ada S. McKinley has been providing exceptional services to our commercial, federal and state customers for 30 plus years. Learn more …