Head Start & Early Learning

Enrollment is currently open for our Head Start & Early Learning programs (birth to age 5).

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Every child—and every parent—deserves a good start in life and a better chance to thrive. At Ada S. McKinley, we provide Child Development/Head Start & Early Head Start services to children from birth to age 5. Our program delivers an evidence-based curriculum that promotes child development in all domains:

  • cognitive growth
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • physical growth
  • health
  • social-emotional development

Our team of professionals provide ongoing assessments of learning and growth to ensure we can best meet the unique needs of every enrolled child, including those with special learning needs and developmental delays.

Because we know how critically important parents are, we encourage and provide opportunities for them to be involved in their child’s education and in cultural experiences and other group activities. We help connect children and families to health care providers and dentists, and additional wraparound services. We also provide parents with services that specifically address their needs.

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