Several Ada S. McKinley programs/offices will be closed on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 due to the extremely cold temperatures. We anticipate that all Ada S. McKinley sites will reopen on Wednesday, January 17th.
  • Administrative Office will be CLOSED.
  • All School, Educational Services, and Childcare/Head Start sites will be CLOSED.
  • Behavioral/Mental Health offices and clinics will be CLOSED except for the Mobile Crisis Response (SASS), which will be OPEN under the direction of the Program Directors.
  • All Community Day Programs will be CLOSED.
  • Foster Care Administration will be CLOSED; however, Foster Care Programs may be OPEN, if necessary, under the direction of Program Directors.
  • Employment & Community Support Services-ECSS Janitorial Services/Snow Removal will be OPEN and operating normally.
  • Residential Services Programs will be OPEN, operating under the direction of the Program Directors – Shelter in Place Protocols are in effect.
  • Wisconsin Based Programs – No Change
  • McCrone office will remain open for I-PASS staff pending further information from Illinois Tollway.
Information specific to Ada S. McKinley staff:
  • Where possible, remote work through telecommuting shall continue.
  • During times of inclement weather, it is important to watch your phone/email for communication to ensure you take any needed actions.
  • If you are ever unsure whether there will be program closures, please check the Ada S. McKinley website for updates, call the program Center or administrative office, or contact the program supervisor.
  • For staff traveling to an Ada S. McKinley site, allow extra time to arrive safely and avoid rushing.