“We must understand that the dominant historical narrative is a product of certain viewpoints that usually suppresses or neglects other perspectives, whether intentionally or unintentionally…Given that Blacks were barred from contributing to mainstream American progress, it’s more than reasonable to guess less research and public attention has been given to McKinley because of her race.” – KangJae “Jerry” Lee, assistant professor at North Carolina State University

Professor Lee and Rodney Dieser, a University of Northern Iowa professor recently published award-winning research about our founder, and what they deem less than equal recognition of her compared with other social reformers.  You can view and download a copy of their research here, and Chicago Tribune’s Darcel Rockett tells the story in this January 14, 2021 article:

Chicago’s Ada S. McKinley is way overdue for some appreciation, according to researchers who delved into her history as an early 20th century social reformer
January 14, 2021
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