Thumbs up to the professionals who joined our CEO Jamal Malone for our Classroom to the Boardroom MVP Luncheon! This annual gathering recognizes and celebrates the achievements of young men in our College Preparation & Placement Program who have worked through significantly adverse social and economic barriers to pursue their academic goals.

Students have lunch and engage in meaningful conversation with our CEO, members of our board of directors, and other local business leaders about opportunities for young black men, and the challenges all leaders face on the road to achieving success. They receive tips for rising above adverse circumstances that put their academic success in jeopardy, and participate in enrichment activities that support their interests, career goals, and college plans.

We appreciate the business leaders who invested their time and provided counsel to our promising young men:

  • Eric Carlton, Director of Educational & Therapeutic Services at Banner Learning
  • Maxwell Frempong, Chief Executive Officer of Frempong I & II
  • Collin McCullough, CEO of Gary Lawn Doctors, LLC
  • Earl McKay, Deputy Director of Detainee Reentry and Special Assistant to the Administrative Director for the Cook County Department of Corrections
  • Corey Shannon, Director of Student Services at Banner Learning
  • Hardy Sykes, Senior Manager of Technology Risk & Compliance at BMO and Ada S. McKinley board member