The COVID-19 pandemic and associated life changes we have all had to make are impacting people’s mental health.  Social isolation, job loss, and the threat of illness have led to anxiety, sleepless nights, and an increase in household tensions and self-destructive behaviors.

Our staff are responding to increased trauma with understanding and education.

To be the very best resource we can be, Ada S. McKinley is making sure staff have the training necessary to address these concerns. Our Behavioral Health team has been hosting trauma-informed training sessions via Zoom for staff across all of our programs to assure everyone we connect with is being given the care they need.

Sessions are customized for our foster care, education, and head start programs which serve over 2,600 people combined. Topics include relationship building, supporting families with small children, childhood trauma and resiliency, and skill-building to support those with mental health issues.

For more information about our Behavioral Health & Clinical Services Program, call us at 773-918-6100 or email [email protected].