Our students will treasure and remember this in years to come as they pursue their goals and dreams!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the local business leaders and professionals who took time from their demanding schedules to participate in our annual From the Classroom to the Boardroom MVP Luncheon. A total of 13 professionals representing a range of careers and leadership positions, including our very own CEO Jamal Malone, made it possible to provide this memorable experience to the young men served by our College Preparation & Placement Program.

The dialogue exchanged between our students and the leaders who came to inspire, support and lend advice to them was invaluable! Over 50 young men had the opportunity to hear the stories of successful men of similar backgrounds and learn how they overcame adversity. They engaged in meaningful conversation discussing life, opportunities for young black men, and the challenges all leaders face on the road to achieving success. In addition, students participated in enrichment activities that support their own interests, career goals, and college plans.

We are proud to acknowledge and applaud each of them making this amazing moment possible!
View List of Speakers along with their Bios

– Cyrus Bracey
– George Ellzey, Jr.
– Jauwan Hall
– Javid Jenkins
– Howard V. Little, Jr.
– Lester McCarroll, Jr.
– Lutalo McGee
– Alexander Rodgers
– Freddie Taylor
– Manuel Whitfield
– Johnnie Williams, III
– Anthony M. Wilson