In honor of National Education Week (November 13th – 17th), we are excited to take this opportunity to feature the educators from our Head Start and Educational Services programs.

Andre Russell is being featured for his “innovation” in improving the education of children and youth throughout Chicagoland.

Learn more about Andre in this short interview:

How long have you been working with Ada S. McKinley?’
“7 months.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
“The service to the young scholars period! Making a difference and helping them to create and achieve goals.”

What makes you proud to work with Ada S. McKinley?
“The legacy of Ada S McKinley and this program in particular is very inspiring! I am proud to be in this program and continuing on that legacy.”

What is something that you’ve learned while working as an educator?
“Patience and a great sense of humor goes a long way!”

What is one piece of advice would you give to a person who is new to the education field?
“The reward is in the service. You feel less empty when you truly enjoy yourself in the process of doing the work. And if you haven’t done that yet…find it!”

What is one fun fact about yourself?
“I am a professional Santa Claus for the City of Chicago.”