Congratulations Class of 2024 graduates!

Ada S. McKinley wants to help you begin your college journey by providing the living and
learning essentials first-year students need to adjust and achieve success. This includes
technology tools, bedding and linens, desk supplies, electronics, and other necessities.

Ada S. McKinley Revie Sorey Trunk Scholarships

Application Deadline: Friday, May 3, 2024 [by 11:59 pm central time]

About the Trunk Scholarships

It is crucial that students begin their college journey prepared, confident, and focused on making their dream of obtaining a post-secondary education a reality.

Through its Revie Sorey Trunk Scholarships, Ada S. McKinley provides college-bound honorees with the living and learning essentials first-year students need to adjust and achieve success in their new environment. Each trunk includes technology tools, no longer optional but now necessary, to take full advantage of all education formats and platforms available for learning in addition to school supplies and necessities for dorm living.
The Trunk Scholarships are an important extension of our acclaimed College Preparation & Placement Program that has placed more than 75,000 graduating seniors in more than 400 colleges and universities
throughout the United States.

The Heart of a Chicago Bear:  How Our Trunk Scholarship Program Began
Our Trunk Scholarship program was started by namesake Revie Sorey, Ada S. McKinley’s former Educational Services Director and Chicago Bears offensive lineman (1975-1983). When Revie learned that our college-bound students were burdened by the expenses of dorm room and school supplies not covered by grants and scholarships, he reached out to his network of friends to help fill the gap. Over the last 16 years, Ada S. McKinley has been proud to continue this powerful legacy with the support of generous sponsors and contributors. It has been a wonderful opportunity to support promising young leaders during a key turning point in their lives.