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It is crucial that students begin their college journey prepared, confident, and focused on making their dream of obtaining a post-secondary education a reality.

Through its Revie Sorey Trunk Scholarships, Ada S. McKinley provides college-bound honorees with the living and learning essentials first-year students need to adjust and achieve success in their new environment. This includes technology tools, bedding and linens, desk supplies, electronics, and other necessities. Over the last two years, we modified the list of items provided to accommodate remote learning and an increased need for technology resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact.

The theme of this year’s program is Embracing our Dreams and Reclaiming our Future!
As we emerge from a global pandemic, we are proud to award Trunk Scholarships to resilient and deserving high school graduates who persevered through many challenges and much uncertainty. Pursing a post-secondary education can be intimidating and overwhelming, particularly for the hundreds of first-generation students we serve. In addition to all the challenges that come with preparing for college with limited resources, our students began their senior year with apprehension and anxiety about what the future holds amidst the pandemic impact and aftermath. Yet they persevered, showed tremendous resolve, and are on their way to colleges throughout the U.S. this fall!

History of the Trunk Scholarships
The Revie Sorey Trunk Scholarships are named in honor of our former Educational Services Director and Chicago Bear who launched the program 14 years ago when he learned that our college-bound students were burdened by the expenses of dorm room and school supplies not covered by grants and scholarships.

The Trunk Scholarship program is an important extension of our acclaimed College Preparation & Placement Program that has placed more than 75,000 youth in more than 400 colleges and universities throughout the United States. This includes assisting graduating seniors in securing billions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships over the last six decades, representing $16.8 million in 2021 alone.