We are proud of our students for continuing to persevere during these challenging times of remote learning and are providing them with anti-theft, waterproof backpacks with phone charging ports and filled with school supplies.  Contents include remote learning convenience tools such as laptop-friendly desks, computer LED lamps, laptop carrying cases, ear buds, and PPE supplies to keep them safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Our Educational Services Team uses innovative ways to recruit, retain and engage students by partnering with administrators at Chicago Public Schools to exceed mandated performance outcomes.  We provide tutoring and mentoring, academic career counseling, college placement, financial aid counseling, scholarship assistance, and more.  In 2020 alone, we helped students obtain $10.5 million in scholarships despite challenges and interruptions due to COVID-19 and the teacher’s strike. Our acclaimed College Preparation & Placement Program has placed more than 70,000 youth in more than 400 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

For more information about Educational Services program, contact us at 312-328-3543 or [email protected].

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